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Having a wound can be a challenging and scary experience, but your doctor feels that V.A.C.® Therapy is an appropriate way to manage your wound. This site was developed to help you better understand V.A.C.® Therapy and provide you with best use practices once the therapy is prescribed by your doctor.

One of the most important aspects

of healing is to be an active participant in the process.

-Former V.A.C.® Therapy Patient

10 million patients

have been treated

using V.A.C.® Therapy

worldwide for over

20 years.

Once it starts working,

it won’t slow you up

from doing anything.

-Former V.A.C.® Therapy Patient

Where are you on your healing journey?

Feel empowered with your healing

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Get help with your device
Easily reorder supplies
Get education on V.A.C.® Therapy and general wound care
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